Drone Photography, 市场ing, and More: Meet 迪伦湖

How many jobs out there will let you buy, and fly, a drone? The Country Club of Scranton did just that, for their trusted longtime employee, 迪伦湖.


琼斯不: Embracing Life’s Challenges Through Wrestling

致唐·琼斯, 摔跤不仅仅是一项运动, 或者一项活动, or simply a way to maintain a  balanced and healthy lifestyle. 穿上, a proud member of the Keystone Junior College Class of 1983, 摔跤是一种生活方式, 是他生命中不可或缺的一部分.



重点大学 presented alumni awards during the recent 首页coming Weekend on campus. 获奖者和Keystone官员是, 左起:Shannon Giedieviells Buckley, 迪克森市, 2016届毕业生, Helping Hands Award; Tyler Gilroy, 卡本代尔, Class...
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首页coming at 重点大学 is always one of the best weekends of the year at 重点大学.


Keystone Creates New Initiative For Graduate and Adult Education

自150多年前成立以来, 重点大学 has been well known for going the extra mile to provide the best education possible to undergraduate students of all ages and backgrounds. 现在,Keystone正在利用同样的专业知识...
Krystie Kowalczyk照片

Krystle Kowalczyk: Criminal Justice Master’s Degree Fits in With Busy Lifestyle

作为一名资深的刑事司法专家, Krystle Kowalczyk knows that expertise and education are the keys to a meaningful and successful career. 现在, as a graduate student in 重点大学’s master’s degree program in criminal justice, Krystle是...

Jeremy Collins: Keystone Is the Right Fit For Multiple Degrees  

作为一名成年学生, Jeremy Collins experienced the thrill of a lifetime in 2021 when he walked across the stage to receive his bachelor of science degree in criminal justice. However, the personal satisfaction he felt that day didn’t end with a...

克里斯蒂Davall: Looking Forward to New Careers After Her Master’s Degree

重点大学 graduate 克里斯蒂Davall readily admits she has enjoyed a long and meaningful career as a 911 dispatch operator in nearby Wyoming County, Pa. In fact, dedication to her profession has helped save numerous lives and given aid and comfort...


In artistic terms, balance is how equal or unequal a visual appears. Harmony is when combined elements complement each other. 在重点, Melinda Owens Bennett found harmonious balance not only in art, 而是在日常生活的方方面面. 像一座山...


Congratulations to 重点大学 alumnus Paul Devine '13 who was named the girls track and field coach of the year by the Scranton Times-Tribune.     更多新闻
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他们相信. 他们所属的.

Keystone校友令人印象深刻的原因有很多. Throughout the years our alumni have not only achieved recognition across the United States but are known for their accomplishments around the world. 商业人士, 作家, 教育工作者, and many other graduates in numerous occupations have proven that the value of a Keystone education is indeed a recipe for success.


校友焦点:香农巴克利' 16

校友焦点:香农巴克利' 16

名字:Shannon Buckley
Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Arts, Humanities


Drone Photography, 市场ing, and More: Meet 迪伦湖

Drone Photography, 市场ing, and More: Meet 迪伦湖

琼斯不: Embracing Life’s Challenges Through Wrestling

琼斯不: Embracing Life’s Challenges Through Wrestling





重点大学 honored its alumni and presented several awards during recent 首页coming festivities on campus:  From left: Shannon Buckley, ’16, Helping Hands award recipient; Tyler Gilroy ’16, Keystonian of the Year award recipient;  Dr. 弗兰兰甘过世, Vice President of Institutional Advancement and Strategic Initiatives and Distinguished Service to Keystone award recipient; John Pullo, Sr. ’69, President; Elena O’Connor ’04, 校友 Association President.; and Don Cadman ’77,  谁接受了尤金·弗林蓬21年的奖项, 年度青年校友奖得主.


Don’t just take it from us, let our alumni do the talking!

“当我回顾我的生活, I go back to Keystone as really providing the nuts and bolts for all the things that would come afterward. 我接受了很好的教育, 我指的不仅仅是优秀的商业教育, 而是如何生活的教育.”

“Being involved in a variety of activities at Keystone really helped me grow as a person and gain the confidence I needed. I’ve gained a better perspective on who I am and what I want to do with my life. Keystone确实在很多方面帮助了我.”

“基斯顿商学院的教职员工非常棒. They encourage you to set high goals for yourself and to be as creative as you possibly can.“





Alice Davis is currently the Executive Director at the Susquehanna County Career & 技术中心. Her passion is making a difference in the lives of high school students and other adult learners.



A former member of the Keystone Giants women’s volleyball team, Katie Scheuch is a physician’s assistant with Atlantic Emergency Associates in New Jersey. She credits the personal attention she received at Keystone for putting her on the path to success, 

Katie Scheuch, 14岁


现在, one of the Founding Partners at the accounting firm of WithumSmith+Brown, PC, 哪个是全国第34大会计师事务所, Len Smith was inspired by his Keystone College professors to go into the accounting profession.


A former member of the Keystone Giants men’s soccer team, Abreham Kittel began his career in government as an intern with the late former State Rep Sid Kavulich and went on to work as a legislative assistant with Rep. 凯尔·马林斯. He is  a research analyst with the Pennsylvania Senate in Harrisburg. Easy communication and a wealth of opportunities were the highlights of his Keystone career. 



A former member of the Keystone Giants track and field team, Christian English is a graphic designer at Under Armor. He appreciated the professors at Keystone for helping him grow both as a student and a person.